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Be Well: Yoga, Food, & Mindfulness

This workshop will empower young people to make healthy lifestyle choices in a safe and non-competitive space.  During this workshop, participants will learn how to prepare healthy dishes in our hands-on kitchen classroom and explore the power of self-care techniques like yoga, meditation, journaling, and healthy hobbies.  No prior yoga or cooking experience required...read more

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Cooking Classes: Sign Up Today

The Greensboro Children's Museum's Edible Schoolyard has been teaching food literacy for the health of our kids, our community and our planet since 2010. Our cooking classes provide an interactive opportunity to our guests to learn about healthy food. Current class offerings include:

Tween Cooking Class: Whole Wheat Sweets and Treats | Homemade Ramen | Pâte á Choux | Homemade Pop Tarts | Más Tapas, Por Favor
Teen Cooking Class: Whole Wheat Sweets and Treats | Homemade Ramen | Pâte á Choux |Homemade Pop Tarts | Más Tapas, Por Favor


Support the Power of Play

By giving today, your donation will help power our scholarship fund and provide more families with an opportunity to enjoy life-enriching experiences together. In addition, your gift will open the door to classes, summer camps, and field trips for more children in our community.  Help us empower more children to imagine themselves as pastry chefs in our cooking school, reach for the stars as rover drivers in our robotics classes, view the world differently through art, discover their power to feed the world as future farmers in our garden, or create a future of their own!  Every gift, no matter the size, makes an impact by helping children grow and learn through play. 

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