Greensboro Children's Museum Supporters

More laughter, more learning, and more fun: your support makes it all possible!  A gift to the Big Red Chair Annual Fund  enables us to maintain high quality exhibits and offer outstanding programs for children and families.  On behalf of our board, staff and the families who play in “Our Town” every day, thank you!




2015-2016 Big Red Chair Annual Fund Donors
(gifts of $50 and above)

Rose and Victor Ackermann
Richard Allen
Lori and Trey Aycock - in honor of Rosemary Kenerly
Shari and Richard Beavers
Mary Katherine and Durant Bell
William F. Black
Heather and Eric Bland
Dora and Bruce Brodie
Kate and Joe Brower
The Bruning Family
Faera and Bryan Byerly
Diane and Kyle Cabbell
Myrna Carlock
April and Stephen Carter
Martha and John Chandler
Melissa and Seth Coker
Rene and Tom Cone
Annelise Conway
Gwyneth and John Cote - in memory of Thomas D. Jones, Jr.
Jillian and Damon Crone
Frances Daily - in honor of Marian and Jim King
Karen D'Ascoli
Madeleine and Duane Dassow
Fran and Bert Davis
Joan and John Dilworth
Pam and Alan Duncan
Alison and Chris Durham
Charlesanna and Bill Ecker - in honor of Marian King and Frances Daily
Laura and Mike Ellison
Ellen and Gary Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Frain
Dale Frederiksen and Bob Page
Nancy and Erwin Fuller
Jean and Gary Goodman
Michele Gordon and Pat Levy
Tom  Guerrieri
Chris and Ken Gumbiner
Kay and Chip Hagan
Robin and Michael Hager
Althea and James Hall
Hamilton Family
Sally and Bill Hansen
Melissa and Jerry Harrelson
Beloved Heartsong - in honor of Dr. Mark Hyman
Donald Hughes
Anne and Sam Hummel
Heather and Jay Jahnes
Emily Janke and Evan Goldstein
Glenda and Luke Johnson
Avery Jones - in honor of Jerry and Melissa Harrelson
The Leonard J. Kaplan Fund
Ginger and Ken Karb
Toni and Bill Kenerly - in honor of Rosemary and Jay  Kenerly and Children - Hal, Bert, Maye, and Viv
Rosemary and Jay Kenerly
Matt King
Marian and Jim King
Linda Lael - in honor of Marian King and Frances Daily
Barbara Lambert
Christine Lee
Carter and Bill Leinster
The Mildred Block Levin Family Philanthropic Fund
Cathy Levinson in honor of Susan Schwartz
Carmen and Walt Liebkemann, in honor of Sarah, Emily, John, and Ben
A.G. Linett & Associates, PA
Jack MacDowall
Jennifer McCurley
Melody and Clarence McDonald
Susan and Jim Melvin
Victoria and Ron Milstein
Tam and Suellen Milton
Peg and Skip Moore
Donna and Bob Newton
Northeast Guilford High School Beta Club
The Oakley Family
Julie Olin
Marissa and James Parker
Elizabeth and Phil Payonk
Martha and Rob Peddrick
Brian D. Peters CPA PC
Sandy and Marshall Pittman
William Y. Preyer, Jr. Charitable Lead Unitrust
Eleanor Procton - in honor of the Hyman Family
Donna and Donald Pulitzer
Claudia and David Reich, in honor of their grandchildren
Lori and Tyler Richardson
Susan and Freddy Robinson 
Leigh and George Satalino
Susan and Jerry Schwartz
Joyce and Bob Shuman - in honor of Talia, Gracie, and Joseph
Sharon and Arthur Sleeper
Anne and Jonathan Smith
Florence Snider
Rodney Speight
Theresa and Jim Spencer
Pam and David Sprinkle
Lacy and John Starr
Deborah Staton
Boo and Mark Stauffer
Berry and Ralph Stout Jr.
Sara and Taylor Stroud
Martha and Tom Stukes
Ellen and Gary Taft
Linda and Bob Thompson
Irene Tilley - in honor of Penny Davis
Sylvia and Richard Vanore
Contract Erectors Inc.
Nancy and David Wallace - in honor of Elizabeth Wallace
Comer and Ralph Wear
Katherine and Mike Weaver
Katherine and Richard Wells
Rhonda and David Youngdahl




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