Reading with your child is a fun, yet important activity all can enjoy. Reading expands a child’s vocabulary, entertains them, and enhances their imagination. As you’re reading, get into character. Be sure to laugh, weep, exclaim! The more enjoyable, the more likely your kid will come to you wanting to read their favorite story again and again.

Here’s a list of 21 books that will make your child’s imagination run wild. The best way to set your child up for success is to get them to read. Whether it’s an audio book or picture book, spend time with your child and engage in the books with them. These 21 books are for different ages and are meant to help and improve your child’s reading skills. The recommended books are free to read on any digital device. Grab your laptop, tablet or phone and get to reading!

Ages 1-4

Most littles haven’t quite learned to read yet, but you’d be amazed at their ability to tell a story! While reading to children under 4, ask your little to describe the pictures they see on the page. Pay attention to the words they use to describe. This is one way to help build vocabulary. You can also sit back and let them do all the work! They can use the illustrations to come up with their own story.

Alphabet by Rolando Merino: An animated story of the alphabet that uses bright colors and big letters to keep your child’s attention.

The Counting Story by Rolando Merino: An illustrated story with animation. This story goes from numbers one to eleven using rabbits to help your child count.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle: A small caterpillar emerges from an egg and begins eating everything in sight.

The Journey of the Noble Gnarble by Daniel Errico: Deep below the ocean waves a gnarble fish dreams of seeing the sun and sky.

Invisible Alligators by Hayes Roberts: Little Sari discovers invisible alligators quietly sneaking around creating trouble for her and everyone else.

Buzzy Bee’s Night Out by Carol Moore: Buzzy Bee ventures into the night in search of tasty flowers.

Ages 5-6

For those who are just learning to read, here are some books that will help out. These books are simple and will help improve vocabulary through repetitive and rhyming words to help reinforce reading skills. At this age, encourage your child to move their finger over each word as you’re reading.

Ollie’s Jar by Carol Moore: An illustrated story with animation. Ollie does many things with his jar and he even invites a friend over!

The Brave Monkey Pirate by Hayes Roberts: The Pirate Modi uses his father’s ship to follow a map. Will what he finds help him brave a shot at the doctor’s office?

Animals You Can See at the Zoo by Rolando Merino: An illustrated story of zoo animals with sound and animation.

Fruit Salad by Richard Swan: Banana, Orange, and Grapes all knew what they wanted to be, but Apple couldn’t decide.

Atlas Hangs On by Richard Swan: Should Atlas let go of the edge or should he hang on?

The Wumpalump by Cheryl Pearson: An illustrated religious parable about a Wumpalump that explores love, joy, and peace.

Absulum the Reindeer Elf by Duncan Wells: A perfect story to read during the Holidays. Find out why Absulum wishes he was an Elf instead.

Mr. Coyote Meets Mr. Snail by Storie-Jean Agapith: Mr. Coyote is a blind coyote that doesn’t want the other animals to know he’s blind, he steals something from Mr. Snail.

Ages 7-9

During these ages, your child can read independently. Your child is now confident in there reading, and they know what they want to read. This could be the age where they read their first chapter book. Though they’re confident and independent now, they still need a parent’s guiding. These are books that will challenge and encourage your growing child to read!

Little Miss Mary and the Big Monster Makeover by G.G. Toropov and Cleone Cassidy: Is trendy Little Miss Mary ready to makeover a monster?

The Little Gingerbread Man by Carol Moore: A surprising new version of the classic Gingerbread Man fairy tale.

Wolstencroft The Bear by Karen Lewis: Will Wolstencroft the Bear find a home and a family to take care of him?

The Loomploy by Cheryl Pearson: A religious parable about the loomploy population that was divided into the able and the unable.

Grow Your Own Gargoyle by Valerie Hardin: A story of a young girl making her own Gargoyles, find out what happens once she makes them!

The Halloween House by Carol Moore: Don’t go there on Halloween. Suzie is a 4 year old who finds out what’s been going bump in the night.

It Could Happen… by Carol Moore: This is a story of the world all being one color, how people look at each other and everything around them.


Reading sets one up to be successful. Aside from the language skills children build, they also learn to use their imagination and have a mind of their own. Begin reading to your child as a toddler. Beginning at a young age lays the foundation for language development and literacy. Once a child reaches kindergarten, they will begin to build confidence in reading and will be well on their way to reading independently. You can help stimulate your child’s mind by having a designated reading area. In this area, there can be all types of books, fiction, nonfiction, action or adventure! Their reading corner is their time to explore and learn. Find room for discussion during reading time and ask questions about the book. Children pay close attention to their parents and everything they do, so if a child sees a parent reading, they’ll want to read as well. Set up reading dates with other parents and their kids, either at a library or at home.