Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are putting our group classes at the Museum on hold, and instead supporting families through virtual classes and hands-on learning kits for your preschooler at home. GCM is excited to bring engaging learning opportunities into your home with our new little explorer kits.

how it works

Recommended for ages three to five years, our little explorers kits are early childhood enrichment classes that have been a cornerstone of GCM’s education programming for many years. While in-person, drop-off classes are not a possibility we are offering children an opportunity to boost their budding independence and to learn through play, practice school readiness skills.

Each month, Greensboro Children’s Museum’s education team will release a new kit themed around a new topic. 

Your kit will include:

  • 6 – 8 guided activities
  • an optional weekly zoom meeting with a GCM educator and your fellow little explorers!
  • educational toys and games
  • books
  • all materials are durable and versatile and can be used for guided activities or everythingimaginable!
  • See this months offering for everything included in your kit!

about your kit

To create the best experience for your child Greensboro Children’s Museum educators combined their professional experience as teachers, personal experience as parents, and the latest knowledge of early-childhood development to make sure that every kit includes activities that support learning in these key areas: reading, pre-writing, language development, social and emotional development, problem solving, focus and flexibility, and foundations for science and math.

  • cost $85 a month + shipping when applicable
  • little explorers kits are non-refundable
  • kits can be picked up at the Museum front desk within 10 days of purchase or delivered to your home
  • carefully designed to support your child’s learning at this important stage of growth and development
  • optional weekly, 30 minute Zoom based pre-school meet-ups with a GCM educator – see our Zoom pro-tips for younger learners below!

zoom tips for younger learners

Hey grown-ups! A quick note on online meetings and young children. Some younger learners can find screen time and online meetings over or under stimulating. If your child is having difficulty with this platform, here are a few things to try:

  • switch their view – try switching to speaker view to narrow down the number of places that require visual focus.
  • turn off their video – Seeing themselves on the screen may be overly distracting or even unnerving for some. You can turn off your video or use the ‘hide self view’ feature.
  • keep it brief – If your child loses interest after just a few minutes, allow them to step away and come back or say goodbye for the day.
  • skip it! – These meetings are intended to enhance your child’s learning experience and engage them, but may not be right for every child, every day.